Well, this is awkward...

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Either we haven't made this page yet, or you typed something wrong. 

It's also possible that we broke something. We do that sometimes.

Whichever way you go with it, it's a little awkward. So, to make you feel less awkward, we've prepared a list of things more awkward than finding this page:

  1. Not knowing the first item to put on your list of awkward things.

  2. Showing up to work on your day off.

  3. Running into your ex while on a date.

  4. Discovering the public restroom you're using is out of toilet paper... after you've done your business.

  5. Junior high. Also high school. Also college. Life. Life in general.

  6. Running a red light in front of a patrol.

  7. Family reunions

  8. Locking yourself out of your car. Again.

  9. Incomplete lists.


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