Sound and Lighting installation to fit your needs

Whether you run a church, bar, club, commercial site, or home, if your venue is in need of a new or upgraded sound and lighting system, Speed of Sound will work with you to find the best setup to fit your unique needs and your budget.


Speed of Sound wants to make sure your venue has the right setup for your needs. Whatever your budget, we can find something that will work for you. To schedule a consultation, contact us today. We can be reached via the contact form below, email, phone, or Facebook. 


How do consultations work?

Typically, we will meet at your venue's location to assess your current setup and discuss what you're looking for. This allows us to get a better idea in mind so that we can plan things right. The initial consultation usually involves taking a look at your venue and talking with you about what specifically you're looking to have done. Toward the end of your initial consultation, we will ask if you would like a cost estimate worked up based around your budget. 


how much does a consultation cost?

Your first consultation is always free. After that, consultation appointments are billed at a rate of $75 per hour. However, should you decide to hire Speed of Sound for installation, all consultation fees (including estimate workup) are generally waived as a courtesy. After your consultation, you can request a detailed estimate workup. This estimate includes equipment costs. Depending on the complexity of your unique setting, installation and labor can be factored into the estimate as well. Should you request a detailed estimate but later decline to hire Speed of Sound to complete the installation, a minimal estimate fee of $150 per estimate and revision will be charged. For more information on the cost of consultations and estimates, please refer to our policies.


how long does installation take?

Installation times will vary depending on the size and complexity of the sound system being installed and environmental factors (the size of your venue, equipment placement, configuration, etc.) Speed of Sound can let you know in advance approximately how long installation will take. Our goal is to get your system installed quickly, professionally, and safely.


what about service after installation?

Speed of Sound offers complimentary servicing within 30 days after installation (not including parts or equipment). After that, all service calls are billed by the hour, with a minimum of one hour billed. 


For more information regarding installations, please visit our policies page.


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