Professional Equipment Repair
To Get You Back Up and Running

“Great work, intelligent young man. Answered all my questions and did exactly what I wanted. Took the time to make sure it was done right. And busted *ss on the one I needed right now! Highly recommended.”
- Ryan

”They did great job on my 4x12 guitar cabinet rewire”


Speed of Sound can service a variety of repair needs. Does your amplifier need new tubes or have a scratchy volume knob? Does your instrument need new electronics? Does your mixer have a bad fader that needs replaced? Do you need a cable repaired or spliced? Does your media or studio PC need to be repaired, serviced, or have components upgraded? Maybe you have a channel not working on your live setup and you're not sure if it's the mixer or the snake. Whatever your repair or service needs, Speed of Sound wants to get you back up and running. If it's something we can't repair yet, we'll even refer you to someone who can.

Though this is not a complete list, are a few examples of things we work on:

  • Instrument and PA amplifiers

  • Instrument electronics

  • Pro audio equipment (mixers, amplifiers, cables, signal processing units)

  • Computers

  • Video projectors

  • Lighting equipment (controllers, lighting modules, cables)


How much does it cost?

The cost of service largely depends on the complexity of the repair, the cost of the parts, and the time the repair takes to complete. 

As a general rule of thumb, most repairs are billed at a rate of $60 per hour (billed in 15-minute increments), plus the cost of parts. On-site repairs may be subject to an additional service fee depending on your location.

To find out how much a repair would cost for your equipment, contact us and we'll chat.


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At this time, Speed of Sound offers on-site equipment repair locally within the Des Moines and greater central Iowa region only.